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                Product Features

                Five-piece pivot double toggle clamping unit, integration of sttong SOlid frame structure to ensure that the ternplate force balanCed, high-speed, and stable.

                Solid tempiate for large milling by EUROMAP standard”T”type slots and drilling tapping. And has a large bar space.

                Ejector hydraulic cylinder can move flexible lcand the movement is extremely accurate.

                Moving platen with skateboard under the form regulation can take part of vceight from the mold, reducing the load on the rod and aVoid many malfunction when using heavy mold.

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                SPECIFICATION CN BN218II
                    A B C
                INJECTION UNIT        
                Screw diameter mm 45 50 55
                Screw L/D ratio l/d 23 20.5 22.8
                Shot volume(theoretical) cm3 374 461 558
                Injection weight(ps) g 340 420 508
                Injection pressure mpa 227 184 151
                Injection rate g/s 170 210 253
                CLAMPING UNIT    
                Clamping force kn 2180
                Open stroke mm 490
                Space between tie ba(WxH) mm 530x530
                Max.Mould height mm 220-550
                Ejector force kn 62
                Ejector stroke mm 165
                Pump pressure mpa 17.5
                Motor power kW 22/30
                Heating power kW 15.5
                Machine dimension(LxWxH) m 5.4x1.45x2.1
                Machine weight t 6.7

                Platen Dimensions



                Mould Space Dimensions




                Floor Flan Layout