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                Product Features

                Variable pump with high flow to make machine run faster.Compared with the same level of machine can speed up to 20%,and supposing the electrical power,the motor overload significantly can be reduced.Compared with dosing pumps,saving 25%-50%.

                With a precise,effective oil filter can ensure the removal of oil svstem contamination and educe machine Maintenance probability.

                By using spray tank of intenal oil tank to remove rust and iron for the internal hydraulic system contamination.

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                In the piping system,together with the large diameter high pressure hose,making the system quieter.lower pressure of oil return line.

                SPECIFCATION CN BN150R
                    A B C D
                INJECTION UNIT          
                Screw diameter mm 26 28 30 32
                Screw L/D ratio l/d 23 21.4 20 18.7
                Shot volume(theoretical) cm3 80 93 107 121
                Injection weight(ps) g 73 85 97 110
                Injection pressure mpa 349 301 262 230
                Injection rate g/s 82 96 109 124
                Barrel centre distance mm 420
                CLAMPING UNIT    
                Clamping force kn 1500
                Open storke mm 320
                Max.Mould height mm 120-460
                Space between tie ba(W×H) mm 720×370
                Mould platen mm 950×600
                Rotary table diameter mm 780
                Mold sets set 2
                Ejector strokex mm 85
                Ejector stroke KN 42
                Pump pressure MPa 17.5
                Motor power kW 22+22
                Heating power kW 13
                Machine dimension(L×W×H) m 5.1x1.62x2.2
                Machine weight t 6.3

                Platen Dimensions



                Mould Space Dimensions




                 Floor Flan Layout