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                The 6th China (Egypt) Trade Fair grand opening 2011.9.28

                Egypt has close economic and trade ties with neighboring countries and is a member of several region...

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                On the importance of daily maintenance of horizontal injection molding machine

                Thread fastening of molds and moving parts. At least one important threaded joint should be retighte...

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                Analyze the classification and characteristics of injection molding machines for you

                The injection device and the clamping device are on the same vertical center line, and the mold is o...

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                Analysis of the reasons for the insufficient gloss of the plastic parts of the horizontal injection molding machine

                The causes and treatment methods are as follows: the content of moisture or other volatile substance...

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                Explain what are the fault points of the horizontal injection molding machine

                Research on injection molding performance or state has gradually declined over time. There are some ...

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                How is the development trend of injection molding machine in China | Servo Injection Molding Machine

                In recent years, China\'s injection molding machine industry has made a breakthrough development. Th...

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                Servo injection molding machine needs to be maintained

                The production of servo injection molding machines is generally 24 hours (shift system), except for ...

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